Customer feedback is my whole and soul. I have been immensely grateful to those who entrusted me on their individual journeys of betterment.

As much as I am glad to have them be successful, I am humbled by their trust in me and the learnings I have had along the way, making my services even more richer. Scroll below to read a few of the reviews ...


Aarati Gandhi, San Ramon, CA

I completed a month long program with Nishi with custom nutrition and fitness plan. She was very diligent in every day follow-ups and catered a highly effective program keeping in mind my needs and the constant crunch against time. I was able to keep up with the designed plan and follow it throughly as it fit me perfectly. I would highly recommend Nishi if you have fitness goals as she is very easy to work with and very responsive with her customized plans. Her program helped me loose weight and kept my energy levels high throughout the day with the custom snacks that I bought from her on a weekly basis. Who would have thought that eating healthy can taste awesome as well! She helped me get into the right frame of mind and follow a daily routine which continues to be a part of my life.
Thank you Nishi for your continued support in my journey!!

Sheetal Vartak, San Jose, CA

I just completed a month long Beginners program with Nishi. It was well planned and customized to my liking and weight loss needs. I was always weary of getting on to diet plans since I wasn't sure if I could stick with them. But Nishi was able to change my mind about that! With her diet and exercise plan I was able to lose 4.5 lb in 4 weeks! Highly recommend going with Nishi for your lifestyle change needs!

Srilaxmi Kanna, Sunnyvale, CA

Nishi has designed a well thought out program and tailors it to your needs. I have been on the program for 3 weeks and already am seeing great results. I find it very difficult to lose weight so it's amazing to see the weight fall off! She checks in regularly and incorporates your daily routine. The best part is you don't feel hungry as you eat every couple of hours. Thanks Nishi for being an amazing and thoughtful fitness mentor!!
I just completed the 7 week program and have signed up for the next 3 months. I have lost weight and feel great! My energy levels are up. At the end of the program I hope to have adopted this heathy lifestyle for good. Thanks Nishi for the encouragement and support throughout the program! Look forward to working with you for many more weeks!

Anita Bansal, Sunnyvale, CA

I have known Nishi for a while and had been planning to get enrolled into her diet program but had been procrastinating on it ! I have been into regular exercising however my waist line seemed to be too stubborn to respond to my exercising as much as I wanted it to ! Finally early Dec 2016 I took a plunge and decided to work with Nishi for a month on my diet plan. Glad I did because I discovered her simple changes to food habits/routines did make a difference and now maintaining the diet for a little over 2 months now, I now see my waist line responding, of course in conjunction with my regular exercising.
During the month long period I was working with Nishi, she was very diligent to check in daily and that buddy system surely helped days I felt de-motivated as I was looking for quicker results ! I still remember she said ' if we treat our body well, it will respond well to occasional slippage from healthy meals and not punish us' That was a relief to hear !
She ensured the meal plan she suggested was not way too disruptive from what I was used to making, so it meant little change from routine at the same time incorporated enough variety & quality to keep me from boredom ! Not to forget, I don’t recollect any moment when I felt starved following her diet routine.  Highly recommend if you are looking for sustaining 'get in shape' results ! Thanks Nishi !

Jasveer Arora, Apex, NC

I have been working with Nishi for past one month & got tremendous result to reduce & coming back in shape.She is skilled, thoughtful, sensible, and a pleasure to work with and talk to. She knows just how and when to encourage and when to push, though never too much. Highest recommendation. Big Big Thanks to Nishi to introduce me in Fit n Fab 30 Days Program.

Divya Joshi, Dublin, CA

My beautiful friend Nish....Thanks sooooooo much for introducing me to Fit-n-Fab challenge - an entirely new lifestyle where you feel energized throughout the day! With your recommendation of right portion size and exercise, I feel great, and I totally owe this to you! I lost weight, but most importantly my metabolism shot up and I don't feel sluggish anymore. I did not think i'd be able to stick to the plan for long, but you motivated me to do so, and I am still on it......Thanks again sweetheart! XOXO!

Yuvika Vijan Saini, Pleasanton, CA

Hi Nishi,
I just wanted to thank you!
Thank-you for introducing me to your Fit -n- Fab 30 days challenge. Through your guidance and knowledge i have lost quite of bit of weight, although it was challenging at times :). The great thing about your 30 day challenge that's its easy to follow and you don't feel lethargic or tired, you feel energetic throughout the day and keep up to it even after the 30 day challenge is complete. thank you for helping me.

Anonymous, Fremont, CA

Fashion is all about expressing your inner-self in the most aesthetic way to the outside world. It’s very rare that someone can clearly understand you and help shop for you. Nishi has helped
me shop for last several years - from my casual to formal closet. She understands me and my needs: fabric, style, occasion, timeframe etc. She has a great sense of fashion, style, latest trends and creative ideas. I will always depend on her for my upcoming shopping needs. Thank you Nishi !!

Aradhana Sooch, Antioch, CA

Thank you Nishi Bhonsle for helping me to achieve my weight loss goal. Your support, guidance and regular follow ups really helped me to successfully attain my goal. You are truly an inspiration to me.